Year-Round Strength & Speed Training

Gaining an Edge and Building Successful Habits 

Every year across the nation, coaches close out their seasons by turning in equipment, completing postseason meetings, and celebrating accomplishments at team banquets.

Not long after, attention gets turned to the next year and how a coach’s team can improve to give that team the best chance for success. Coaches know that no game is won on scheme alone and that over the next eight months their athletes will need to be developed mentally and physically to gain an edge on the competition.

Well organized and implemented strength & speed programs will be needed for coaches to get their team ready to go for the new year.

There has never been a time where strength & speed has been needed more than now, but where should coaches begin? What does it look like to get a whole school moving in the right direction? What do coaches need to do to give their athletes the best opportunity to be successful?

Where to begin? So simple, but so hard! A supportive administration is the key. At Mount Vernon we have been blessed to have supportive administrators that see the benefits of strength & speed training year-round. This allows us to train kids before school, after school, and most importantly, during school. This gives our kids the opportunities they need to be successful, while also respecting everyone’s time.

This is where getting coaches on board comes in. When sport coaches don’t have to “sacrifice” time to implement strength & speed training then they are much more receptive. In addition, when communication is prioritized with sport coaches from the strength & speed staff then trust and support increases. Now, all the sport coaches have to do is encourage their athletes to do their best at strength & speed training. Once sport coaches see the benefits of their athletes getting better, they will be as hooked on the program as the student-athletes are. This gives athletes a really good chance to be successful.

Implementing Strength & Speed training during the school day kills a few really large birds with one stone. 

For the last few years at Mount Vernon, we have had a lot of state level success. Strength & Speed is only a small part of that success, but there is no doubt that it is a valuable piece. I’m thankful for our administrators, coaches, parents, and student-athletes that contribute to the positive culture that surrounds our Strength & Speed program.

Some coaches that are reading this already know all this information and are implementing it at a high level, but may be seeking affirmation or extra help with a particular problem. While other coaches may not know where to even start. Our vision is to help school districts grow their knowledge and abilities to best serve high school student-athletes across Iowa. Every school deserves a well-run strength & speed program for their students to excel. We are here to help you make the next step for your school and your program.

In Conclusion

If you are a strength coach, sport coach, PE teacher, or administrator reading this article and want to know more about how to implement strength & speed training at your school please consider attending “A Day of Learning - A Deep Dive Into the Mustang Strength & Speed Programin the Spring of 2024 at Mount Vernon High School.

▪️ Written by Preston Pedersen, M. Ed., CSCS, Head Strength & Speed Coach, Mount Vernon High School

▪️ Edited by Ben Hildebrandt, Head Strength & Speed Coach, Northeast High School

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